'This project has been a success for our people'
Canadian First Nations leaders write an open letter to Minnesotans and U.S. Tribes, detailing the benefits of the Line 3 Replacement Program in Canada.
L3RP U.S.: Indigenous inclusion
This project in Minnesota marks an unprecedented level of Tribal engagement, inclusion and economic participation.
First Nations Chief discusses working with industry, while respecting culture and tradition

Chief Willie Sellars shares his perspective on the Williams Lake First Nation's work with Enbridge, and how industry and First Nations can work to align interests and economic engagement.

L3RP Canada: Indigenous inclusion

This project achieved an unprecedented level of Indigenous engagement, inclusion and economic participation in Canada during its construction.

Finding the ‘delicate balance’ between resource projects and Indigenous interests

Chiefs and executives partake in interactive Line 3 project panel discussion

Skills and development training

We regularly sponsor career development and employment readiness training for Indigenous communities.

A construction job, with room to grow

Enbridge’s Line 3 replacement provided thousands of jobs for Indigenous workers; some are capitalizing on the opportunity to build a career

Edmonton Symphony Orchestra inspires love of music in kids—with no strings attached

Alexander First Nation students are learning the basics of violin through three-year pilot program

‘I like knowing that this is going to lead to a brighter future’
Pipeline inspector training leads to long-term career opportunity for Frog Lake First Nation go-getter
Foundation for success: ‘I always wanted to be a pipeliner’

With trailer in tow, Manitoba First Nations woman thrilled to hit the road as an inspector

Indigenous Pipeline 101 training program wraps up in Manitoba
Projects like the L3RP enable prosperity and create jobs for Canadians, including a growing Indigenous workforce
‘Instead of digging in our heels, we rolled up our sleeves’
Enbridge’s Line 3 replacement expected to create $250 million in Indigenous contracting and labor spending (Part 1 of 2)
Indigenous economic engagement

We work with Indigenous communities and businesses so they can participate economically in our projects and operations.

‘Everybody wins’: Line 3 replacement in Canada has maximized Indigenous participation

Enbridge project points the way forward for Indigenous communities and resource companies

Mentorship, motivation propel Métis worker up the career ladder

First graduate of Enbridge’s Indigenous Inspector-in-Training program to earn pipeline craft inspector certification

Calgary Stampede’s Elbow River Camp: ‘A place of grounding and connection’

Enbridge signs on for three years as presenting sponsor for iconic Stampede attraction

Applying the tools of the trade, from one pipeline project to another
Labor brokers key to Enbridge’s strategy of maximizing Indigenous employment on L3RP
‘A living connection to the history’: Protecting Tribal traditions in Minnesota

Enbridge’s now-complete L3R Tribal Cultural Resources Survey the largest of its kind

Wells Academy: A Minnesota story of technology, training and transformation

Bemidji business offers a ‘second chance’ with high-tech manufacturing instruction and life skills

Liaison role a career stepping stone for First Nations worker

‘It’s great to see someone grow and excel in their new job when you're still working with them’

Line 3 Replacement Program: Building an Indigenous workforce
‘An outstanding place to work’: Enbridge project benefits from both experienced and new Indigenous pipeliners
‘This is going to be my breakout—right here’
Indigenous inspector-in-training learns the ropes on Enbridge’s Line 3 Replacement Program